History of the House



Woodlands Castle was built in 1810, and was remodelled and enlarged by Richard Carver c1833 for Mrs Lock.

The house, originally a farmhouse, is far more elaborate than you would expect with its picturesque façade in the, then fashionable, Regency style.

The house appears in Kelly’s ‘Directory of the County of Somerset’ of 1861 which describes ‘Woodlands, the seat of the Hon. Charles Napier, as a pretty villa residence, situated in well laid out grounds, and commands a fine view of the Cothelstone hills.’ Charles Napier died in 1874 and is buried in the local churchyard.

Inside the Main House
Countryside Inspired Decorations



Other notable residents of the house include Major-General Henry Brasnell Tuson CB RMA, aide-de-camp to Queen Victoria, Commandant-General of the Royal Marines, and in more recent years Dr Fleming.

Woodlands Castle is now owned by Sir Benjamin Slade Bt The horse’s head of our logo comes from Sir Benjamin’s family crest.